It's so important that you have photos you love of your family. Let me give that gift to you!  I love taking candids of kids, and I really love showcasing the relationships between members in a family.  It's my goal to capture an emotional connection.  I want your photos to provoke feelings of happiness and joy.  I also love to photograph mom with kids!  As a mom of 3 myself, I know how easy it is to always be the one behind the camera.  But whether we'd rather be behind the lens or not, it is important we get in the frame too!  I haven't met a women yet who wasn't grateful seeing a beautiful photo of her child smiling at her.  I love to mirror back to the parents the love their children have for them.  This is my favorite part of family sessions!

My session are easy going and fun! I am all about the kids being happy, and the session being stress free for everyone.  

I'd love to chat more about how we can design a session that is just right for your family!